Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet Lyn Le

She or he is my yard sale find. Gave 25.00 for it and I've made a pin cushion. Oh yeah not just any pin cushion it's two sided. I made the string blocks on the machine.  Becky Stowers told me how to rig up the tape cause it only had the one foot.
 I won these while I was on my vacay. Charlotte has a shop.   I have them on right now I'm all toasty.
 In a bit of sad news Bob has disappeared. Maybe he went back home. I miss Bob:(
 Oh and Lynn Le is a combo of my Mothers name Lynna and my Daddy was Leon. aawwww


  1. yaay.. you are finally sewing on a machine. An antique machine at that...and one that is probably older than you are. Heck, it is probably older than *I* am!

  2. Wonderful machine Jennifer ~ not to mention the wonderful pinkeeps you made!!!
    Wonderful comfy cozy win!!! Enjoy!!!
    Enjoy your day ~ maybe sewing up a storm!
    Prim Blessings

  3. Love your machine.My grandma had one.Happy sewing!

    Hope Bob had come back.

  4. Aw, what a sweet name and a great find! Love the look of old machines. :) Great pin cushion too. Are those wrist warmers?

    1. yep she has pictures on her blog . Me likie:)

  5. What a lovely machine and a bargain too! Don't worry about the tape, my machine has loads of different feet including a 1/4" foot but I still use the tape as my 1/4" foot isn't really a 1/4" foot! Sorry to hear Bob has wandered off. Perhaps he's just gone on vacation for a bit.

  6. Beautiful machine! She will serve you well. =D