Sunday, January 19, 2014

advice greatly appreciated

Carpal tunnel has found its way to me. I guess I've  made too many yo yo's.
To make a long story a little shorter.... I went to meet a Nero surgeon Thursday with my nerve conduction results. Ouchie. That test wasn't pleasant.

He said ibuprofen  helps 20% wrist splints about 50% or surgery. What do you want to do? I said I just want to be able to sew again without dead numb hands when I wake up.The last 3 mornings I've not been numb thanks to splints. He said come back in a month. Well go from there.

When this all started I really thought it was my MS flaring up but apparently not.

 Advice all you sewers!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me your experiences with carpal tunnel! I've not touched a needle and thread in 3 days:(


  1. Sorry, girl, not fun! Did he give you any e ercises you might try, or should you just let it rest? Hope you don't need surgery, but I guess it's pretty common and successful. Keep us posted.

  2. So sorry Jen. I don't have carpal tunnel but I do have hands ridden with arthritis, and I cannot do a lot of the sewing tasks I once did with ease. I especially have problems with my thumb joints, and wearing splints along with ibuprofen helps tremendously. It can take some time though, so try not to count the days. That said, I still can't hand-quilt anymore. Have just accepted that and am now tieing my quilts instead. I always think of surgery as the very last resort.

  3. I agree, find some exercises. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, then another doctor sent me for PT to stretch out my neck/shoulders and it helped my hands immensely! big hugs to you, it's not fun

  4. I don't have any experience with carpal tunnel but I have heard from others that like Ellyn it sometimes improves with treatment in the neck area so it seems like it would be worth a try. It also sounds to me like it might be time to overcome your fear of sewing machines and take up machine sewing!

  5. I have carpal tunnel and it's no fun. I should learn to wear my splints more when I go to bed. I suffer the most in the morning when I wake up.
    But it will not stop me from doing what I love to do the most ~ cross stitch. They said I could have surgery too ~ but I don't want to be off work that long and not be able to do my craft projects. There is no guarantee that it will work (or come back). Stretches help. Good Luck!
    Prim Blessings

  6. I used to work with legal clients who had carpal tunnel, and when I started having some symptoms, I became much more aware of how I hold my hands at all times. No more bending them up from the wrist, and when I type , my wrists and fingers are always in line with my elbows. One thing I found that helped me learn how to hold my hands - try taping a tablespoon under your hand with the bowl of the spoon up in the palm of your hand and the handle going down your wrist. That cupping of the palm and the straight wrist is the right way to hold your wrist to avoid CTS. Learning how to do those things and taking ibuprofen or tylenol until the symptoms subsided helped me avoid that nasty test and CTS surgery! Occasionally I'll get some numbness now but I find that it's usually from sleeping with my hand(s) in a strange position. Good luck!!

  7. You can do a lot for yourself by analyzing your usage and how you are working - do you use the computer much? That is another problem area - look to see how your hands are positioned - no dip in the wrist - get a rest for the wrist, and take frequent breaks... and no track balls! Remember, surgeons only know how to cut, so that is what they will offer you. Can you find a physical therapist or someone who can help with how you are using your hands? Be patient. Talk to other people who have problemns. I once had a serious problem, now have no difficulty, just by learning to modify the way I used my hands, not changing what activities I actually did. Good luck, hun.

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